Our houses can be a sanctuary and being able to take that sanctuary with us as travelers can be a gift from the adventure gods. Motorhomes and RVs could be a wonderful investment for glampers, for those who like to save a little on lodging, but maybe most importantly they are a nice investment for travel addicts the world over. RVs are also often a popular traveling vehicle, especially with charming families and older couples. 

But unlike other cars, your RV or motorhome nearly combines your vehicle and your home into one, which is why there is an entirely separate category for RV insurance. With the RV, you will need things covered in your insurance that would not generally be covered on just a car, and you need things covered that are not generally covered on a home. Insurance companies thankfully know this and have stepped up the game in insuring the fine points of your car and home.

What Does This Cover?

RV insurance will usually include collision and comprehensive and liability coverage just as car insurance does. You can also add on protection for any personal items on board and attached accessories and equipment.

How Does It Work?

Similar to car insurance, RV insurance will secure you from out of pocket expenses in the event of an accident. It could also provide protection in the event of natural damage or if your RV is stolen from you. Also like auto insurance, if you invest in uninsured/underinsured coverage, if a driver crashes into you but isn’t insured or their insurance won’t cover all expenses your insurance company with pay for the damages. This is the same for liability coverage.

Similar to comprehensive insurance with a car or home, if you get comprehensive coverage for your RV, this will bring coverage for any losses due to animal damage or theft. The campsite and vacation coverage could provide coverage for lodging expenses if your motorhome is damaged while traveling and you need a place to stay.

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How Much Does RV Insurance Usually Cost?

RV insurance policies will vary just as any type of insurance. A Class A policy usually may cost around two thousand dollars a year. That is for a luxury, coach or even a converted bus. These Class A vehicles can be up to seventy-five feet long and generally the most expensive coverage. For a Class B RV, the policy could be almost half of this ranging from one thousand to two thousand dollars. 

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