Vacations could be costly enough as it is, and with RV travel being regarded as relatively cheap it is proving to be more and more popular. With rising gas costs, the affordability is starting to gradually become eroded away more and more. To offset the heightened expenditure, here is a list of the great ways to save fuel and stretch your budget that much further.


1. Your air-conditioner will sap your gas efficiency massively, so you should try to travel at cooler times of the day and plan your route to avoid heavy traffic.

2. You should make sure your tires are correctly inflated; under-inflated tires make more resistance on the road surface and reduce your fuel mileage.

3. Check the alignment of your wheels. Wheel imbalances heighten tire friction on the road resulting in reduced fuel mileage.

4. Keep your engine properly maintained and nicely tuned with regular servicing. This way it will work much more efficiently. Utilizing the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil will boost gas efficiency by several percent, and something as basic as a clean air filter could increase it by up to 10%.

5. Driving the RV without an A/C cover and with the antenna up will generate a lot of wind resistance, heightening fuel consumption.

6. Do not travel with a full freshwater tank unless you are Boondocking. The extra weight will definitely diminish your fuel efficiency. Only carry what you need to get to your destination and fill your tank there. You should also empty your holding tanks before setting off from the park.

7. Take out any large or full liquid bottles. You could replace them with smaller plastic bottles and only take what you need. Using plastic plates instead of paper ones can also save a serious amount of weight when carried in bulk.

8. Look for a campground closer to where you live. You might be surprised at just how many RV parks are situated within a one hundred fifty mile radius of your home town.

9. Most RV parks will offer you a loyalty discount for staying with them longer, and the majority of them have all the comforts and facilities you need for a great vacation. By travelling less you will save gas, as well as the savings for staying a few nights.

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10. Only stock up with firewood once you get to the site, and leave behind what you do not need. It is astounding how many RVers travel around with their supply on board, adding serious heaviness to their vehicle.

Even if you only follow a few of these measures you will use less fuel and keep more cash in your pocket.

Other things to think about:

Your driving style could also have a great deal of influence on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Try starting off by driving slow until the engine is up to temperature, at which point it becomes much more gas efficient.

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Courtesy of Cuselleration