Would you like to make life easier in your RV? Here we have listed eight of the best RV hacks for you.


1. Use an organizer for your shoes to store things in your shower

The restroom in your recreational vehicle is most likely not very big. It is difficult to keep your bathroom supplies in the proper places. You can invert an organizer for your shoes and hang it on our curtain rod.


2. Store your bathroom supplies using a towel rod

If you don’t possess a curtain in the restroom, it is still possible to store your bathroom supplies. Utilize a rack for your towels and hang the organizer for your shoes on this.

3. Put plastic wrap on your cups

Lids have become obsolete because of plastic wrap. You can wrap the top of your cup with plastic wrap and poke a straw through it to have your own secure drink.


4. Use velcro for your curtains

Do you need to hang your curtain in the window? You should need to put big holes in your RV. Velcro has become useful because your can use them to hold heavier things. Velcro your curtains to the wall instead.

5. Collapsible trash can

You should not let your trash bins take up a lot of space in your RV. You can always store collapsible trash can and take it out when you need it.

6. Make your RV dark with black curtains

You don’t need to waste your cash on regular curtains that don’t block out sunlight. Buy some thicker curtains and use the velcro to hang them. This will darken your space immediately.


7. Use bubble wrap to warm up your vehicle

It’s expensive to warm up your RV in the holiday season. There are cheap ways to maintain the insulation. Utilize your bubble wrap to warm it up and keep it that way. Bubble wrap is cheap online as well. Covering the windows will warm it up. 

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8. Scramble your liquid egg in a bottle

The egg is the hardest things to bring on an RV trip. The solution to this would be to open up all the eggs and store them in a plastic bottle. You can store these in the refrigerator and shake the bottle when you’re ready to cook. When you pour the liquid on a skillet, your eggs will be scrambled.

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Courtesy of Cuselleration