There are all kinds of activities you can do while RVing, both inside and outside your small sanctuary. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Favorite Things to Do While RVing: Explore

Living in an RV gives you the opportunity to explore this big world we live in. RVing gives you the freedom to go just about anywhere. As long as there’s a place to park, you can easily visit all the places you’ve always wanted to see.

 Ever wanted to see the Pacific Northwest? Tour both its countryside and cities in your RV.

Want to compare the east and west coast beaches to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico? Again, that’s no problem. It may take a while to see all of it, but you have time. 

Love the idea of spending a month in the Appalachian mountains or Rockies? You’re all set. You can even move from place to place within the mountain range so you always have new hiking areas available.

Always lived in a big city? It’s easy to get out into the middle of nowhere with your RV. 

Have you ever wanted to see a real desert? Just head to the southwest. It’s beautiful, and there’s a reason why a lot of people who move to western Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California never want to leave. 

Coffee shops. World-class restaurants. Museums. Natural phenomena. Huge skyscrapers. Deep valleys. There is always plenty to see and do in our great country. 

In short - The RV life gives you so many options to explore the United States. Variety is the spice of life, and exploring is a great way to get some variety. 

Favorite Things to Do While RVing: Read

Exploring in person is great, but there’s something to be said about getting into a great book with your favorite beverage in hand. 

Diving into a great book is ideal for RVing for several reasons:

  • It’s inexpensive! You can get books for free from a library or very inexpensive through a service like Amazon Prime Reading

  • It can be done anywhere. Whether you’re in the deep woods, on top of a mountain or by the beach, you can pull out your book and start reading. 

  • Reading lets you explore and go on adventures when you physically aren’t able to. Tired from a day of hiking? Read a book. Stuck in a blizzard or big rain storm? Read a book. 

While many off the grid places don’t offer WiFi, cell service, etc., reading is the perfect option to help pass the time. 

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Favorite Things to Do While RVing: Outdoor Games, Board Games and Playing Cards

This is a crazy time in the history of the world. Most people are glued to a screen for hours and hours every day. 

Being able to chill out and play a few outdoor games is a perfect way to relax without looking at a screen. While it’s not exactly “exercise” to play cornhole, it’s still fun and better than watching TV. 

If the weather isn’t great, pull out a deck of cards or a board game. They’re coming back in style as more people try to get away from screens. 

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Have any favorite activities you love to do while RVing? We would love to hear about them!