Need some fun outdoor games for RVing? Here are a few of our favorites.

RVing Outdoor Game #1: Ladderball

Ladderball is so-named because it involves playing with essentially 2 things:

  • A gizmo that looks like a ladder

  • Sets of 2 small balls attached by a rope

The general idea is to throw the roped balls (called bolas) and try to get it to wrap around a rung of the ladder. The first player throws all 3 at once, then the second player. The first player to 21 wins!

  • The top rung of the ladder is worth 3 points

  • The middle rung is worth 2 points

  • Bottom rung is worth 1 point

You can either build a set very easily yourself or buy one. 

Like most outdoor games this is a simple one, but it’s a ton of fun. 

RVing Outdoor Game #2: Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a great game that only requires 1 thing: a frisbee. If you want to be fancy you can buy a set that includes several different discs such as drivers, midranges and putters. However, you can get by with just one for now. If you want more later, you can always get a set at that time. 

If you’re not playing with a set frisbee golf course where you have specified starting/ending points, here’s the rules to play:

  • Pick a starting point that all players will stand on

  • Pick a target, such as a specific tree or fence post

  • Have the first person do their first throw, trying to hit the target

  • The second person follows

  • Etc.

From there, it’s just like golf. After everyone has thrown, whoever is the furthest from the target goes next. You keep throwing your discs towards the target until everyone finally hits it. Keep score and move on. At the end of the game, the person with the lowest number of throws wins. 

Frisbee golf is best suited if you want to do a little exploring, such as walking around a park or campground. 

RVing Outdoor Game #3: Cornhole

Cornhole has been the go-to tailgating game for years now, so you probably know how it works. 

Essentially, you’re trying to throw bean bags through a hole on a wooden board that sits at an angle, like a ramp. The rules are

  • You alternate with the opposing team

  • Points are earned by

    • Getting a bag through the hole (counts as 3 points)

    • Getting a bag onto the board(counts as 1 point)

Points aren’t counted until the end of a throwing round. This means you can either knock bags into the hole for extra points (hopefully they’re yours and not the opponents!) or knock bags off the board so no points are counted. 

RVing Outdoor Game #4: Horseshoes

This game is an oldie but a goodie. There’s a reason why this game has been around for a very long time. 

You essentially just need 2 things:

  • Some horseshoes

  • A stake in the ground

Pick a distance and take turns throwing the horseshoes, trying to get as close to the stake as possible. If you get a “ringer”, meaning the stake is between the 2 parts of the horseshoe, you get 3 points. If nobody gets a ringer, the person who threw the closest horseshoe to the stake gets 1 point. 

If one player is able to get both horseshoes closer than his opponent, he gets 2 points. 

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities and games while RVing?

We would love suggestions!

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