Still trying to sell your family or friends on the RV lifestyle? Here are a few reasons RVing is great for those who love to travel, weekend warriors, families and just about anyone!

Reason to RV #1: Spend Time With Family

Are you constantly busy with work? Feel like you barely get to see your family with school and all of their extracurricular activities? Granted - the recent coronavirus has slowed down everyone’s lives. But before this all happened, what did your average week look like? 

Taking off in an RV and escaping your day to day is a great way to spend time connecting with your family, loved ones or friends. Teach your kids how to fish, go on a hike, tell stories around the campfire or play games together inside. Nature and quality time is a fantastic way to connect with the people you love.

Also, RVing allows you to bring your WHOLE family. Have dogs or cats? Bring them along! You’ll also be saving money on pet sitter costs or dog-friendly hotel costs, which are generally a lot more expensive and harder to find.

Reason to RV #2: See New Places and Save Money

Having an RV gives you the freedom to take off just about anytime you want! An RV’s convenience allows you to see the places you have always dreamed of and wanted to see without having to pay expensive prices for a hotel every night. Campgrounds in more rural areas are relatively cheap and even RV spots in big cities, beaches, etc. are much cheaper than staying in a hotel. It’s much easier to take a weekend getaway using your RV!

Also, it is much easier to make food in your RV than it is in a hotel. Save money on the road by making meals and snacks in your RV!

Need some easy recipe ideas? Click here for some RV-friendly recipes!

Reason to RV #3: Meet New People

The people you meet in RVing are one-of-a-kind. Generally very friendly and helpful, it is so easy to meet people from all over the US (or even world) while staying in campgrounds. Invite your neighbors over for a campfire to learn more about them! Who knows - You may even have a place to park your RV next time you visit their town!

There are so many great reasons to RV and these are just a few! What are your favorite things about RVing? We would love to hear all about them!

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