Tons of people in the United States love to go out and travel in their RV. RVers have the wanderlust dreams and travel from place to place. But there are some cons to spending so much time in your RV. A scarce amount of exercise can occur due to not moving enough and overeating. You need to make it a priority to be healthy during your trip. 


Most people who own RVs love going to bars for happy hour. The group of people that attend happy hour eat greasy food and drink high calorie alcoholic beverages prior to eating dinner. When you move less and consume more of these things, you will most likely get fat on your RV trip. 


You will need to not go to your routine happy hour to get in the best shape possible. Take a stroll outside instead. This will help you get in a caloric deficit. You need to at least do three to five hundred calories worth of exercise. A great way to do this is hiking around your campsite. You can check out new places and destination around there. If the grocery store is a good distance away from your campsite, you should walk to get them instead of driving. You can store your groceries in a big bag. 

There are tons of ways to walk around when RVing. You can go to a nature destination, or beachy areas to take a nice stroll or bike ride. 

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To add some muscle to your body, try doing some pilates and lift weights to maintain your fitness. When it is raining outside, you can always play an exercise video game with your group. 


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Courtesy of Cuselleration