Most Americans love to get out and hit the open road in their vehicles! There is a certain segment of the population that enjoys it even more - RV people. For individuals who have that wandering spirit, and that love to call home anywhere they travel to, RVing is awesome. For people that spend months on end in their RV, there could be a downside. It involves a lack of physical activity. It is easy to get lazy and indulge in food too much. For this reason, it's very important to look for ways to stay in shape while travelling in your RV.

The favorite activity of many RVers is happy hour. In the late afternoon you find groups of people gathered around different sites consuming alcoholic beverages and high fat snacks. Some drinks and delicious food can easily add five hundred calories to your day, before even getting to dinner time. When you add this with inactivity, it will lead to quick gaining weight while traveling in your RV.

You should avoid the regular happy hour ritual and prefer to get out and take an evening walk to stay in shape while RVing. Walking a mile every day will burn around one hundred calories. You should typically walk long enough to burn three to five hundred calories. The best part is that it's easy to get in a good walk in most RV areas and campgrounds. There is always a lot going on and new places to see. You can also use walking as a method to get our groceries when the stores are within a few miles of the park. Grab a backpack that you could use to transport your groceries. This is a  great way to earn your dinner and stay in shape while RVing.

When you are traveling in an RV there are so many opportunities to go for a walk. When you visit national park campgrounds, RV parks close by beach locations are all great opportunities to take long walks. You can enjoy a visit to the south rim of the Grand Canyon! Both cycling and hiking there were spectacular! 

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For some strength training you could choose to do some push-ups in your RV, try some Pilates or yoga with the help of a DVD and there are even options these days of using a Wii system. They have some fitness video games that are very interactive and a lot of fun for one to four people. That is a great activity for the occasional rainy day stuck in your RV.

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