Parking your RV for the cold winter months means that you need to take preventative actions so that your RV will be ready to use for those long anticipated excursions, but without having to make extensive repairs first. The winter months can cause damage to your RV in ways you might not anticipate. The RV Shop carries a complete line of winterizing products that will help you prepare your RV during the period it is stored. Our website identifies many products you might want to consider buying. The following is a list of steps and products that will help you avoid winter damage to your RV. 

Winterizing your Rv's water system is an essential. Your RV may have a specific method described by the manufacturer, but you can also follow our procedure.Open all of the faucets and the toilet valve. Open the low point drain lines and use a water pump to ensure that all of the water is forced out. Turn off the pump as soon as the water is drained. 

A Non-toxic RV antifreeze should be used to fill the plumbing lines. You will accomplish winter protection for your lines by removing any water that may remain in your lines and protecting against problems caused by water that you cannot remove. Our product is non-injurious to brass, copper and all types of plastic except acetate. This product is safe for your drinking water systems. Use a water pump to pressurize the lines with the antifreeze. Slowly open the hot and cold valves until the antifreeze appears. Use one of our by-pass kits to avoid filling the water heater with antifreeze. Also, flush the toilet until the antifreeze appears. Your RV may require other steps to ensure the water lines, faucets and valves are fully protected. Drain the fresh water from the holding tank and fill it with one of our products that will protect the tank from building up any mold or bacteria. Drain the water heater also. Follow the instructions on the tank to ensure the proper procedure is used. 

We recommend using the Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer product that is made to clean and sanitize the walls of the water tank. This product is free of bleach and carcinogens.

Other winterizing steps are necessary such as caulking the areas around the windows and the doors. The RV Shop carries a complete line of silicone sealants that will adhere to any part of your RV providing the perfect seal. An acrylic latex caulk with silicone has been developed for interior and exterior use. Another great product is a self-leveling caulk product made with Dupont Hypalon Rubber is extremely resistant to all types of weather, and it will not crack. This is an exceptional product for use in winterizing your RV.

The RV Shop carries a complete line of winter prep products, and you are sure to find the products you need.

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