One of the most unfortunate experiences you will encounter when traveling is the theft of your personal items and equipment from your RV. You can protect all of your belongings and equipment at all times by installing the added protection of special locks on your RV's windows, doors, equipment lockers and baggage doors. You can rest easy at night and feel secure when you leave your RV for a day of hiking or visiting friends.

The RV Shop has a lock for every safety and security need you have. You can replace the standard door locks with the Valterra heavy-duty door locks that will discourage even the most persistent thieves from forcing their way into your RV. The passage lock set is sturdy and provides a way to secure your passage door. The Valterra VT Dead Bolt Lock is ideal for that added level of protection that you may want. A Deadbolt Replacement Latch is another door security device made by Valterra. 

The RV Shop also carries the Trimark replacement door lock sets made of durable material and some locks have the deadbolt built into the lock mechanism. The Trimark brand also includes the travel trailer super heavy duty latch replacement locks. The Trimark baggage locks are great for securing your luggage. The Trimark baggage locks are designed to provide security for your baggage and other items you carry in the baggage compartment, and these locks are easy to install. 

Our catalog also includes magnetic catches for screen doors and cabinet doors. Also included are positive and roller catches as well as coupler locks. The RV Shop carries many more devices for securing your RV and its contents. You can protect the little children who you enjoy traveling with but who also can be exposed to unsafe items and places. Children are often tempted to leave the RV without an adult, and you can prevent this from happening with the RV Shop's line of locks and catches. You cannot be too careful when protecting the safety and security of your family.

It is always good to know that your possessions are safe while you are enjoying a road trip. Your enjoyment will be enhanced when you can feel safe about the security of your family and your belongings and about the safety of the little ones who are traveling with you. RV traveling is at its best when you don't have to worry about security issues.

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