RV Shop is the first place to go when you want to look at the largest selection of RV equipment and RV accessories available, at the lowest prices. RV Shop's has a wide array of tables and chairs that offer the finest experience in comfort and functionality. You can rely on the RV Shop delivering what you need.

- The Side Canyon Table is easy and quick to set up, and it doubles as a seat. Its 250 pound load capacity means it can also be used as a step stool. Made of aluminum, its weight is 2 lbs. 3 oz. It folds up into an easily stored item.

- Another aluminum folding stool and table is also light weight and it folds up easily for storage. This is a slightly smaller table than the Canyon Side Table.

- The Magic Folding Table is a compact, easy to store folding table. Two folding leaves make the versatile surface. It is lightweight with Beige plastic construction. The built-in magazine rack adds an extra measure of convenience. 

- The Clip On chair table is designed to fit most recliners and chairs A type frames. It only takes seconds to install, and no tools are required. This chair table provides the ideal place to set a cup or a plate. It does not fit Elite chairs and rockers.

- The Chair Utility Table is designed to fit most of the popular RV folding chairs with either round frames or oblong frames. This table can be adjusted to different heights, and it is removable.

The RV Shop carries a massive selection of folding chairs including the Prime Plus and the Elite Folders. Fold-up rocking chairs are also available. The Cambria and the Elite fold-up rocking chairs are available with beautifully crafted cushions for long-lasting comfort. All of the tables offered by RV Shop are designed to enhance your travel experience by providing some of the enjoyable items that make traveling feel like you are still enjoying the comforts of home. The tables provide the convenience that you will appreciate while you are relaxing after a day of travel and activities. 

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