How to Tow a Vehicle with Your RV

Being able to tow a vehicle using your RV will offer you a new kind of the RV camping experience. There are quite a few factors you need to consider before you embark on towing a vehicle behind your RV. The primary concern here needs to be the safety measure you take to ensure that the towing process doesn’t pose a threat to both you and the other drivers. In this article, you will find some tips on how to safely tow your vehicle using your RV.

Vehicles that can be towed

You need to check if the vehicle that you intend to tow can be towed in the first place. Many vehicles are not towable. There are cases where you will need to use a full trailer or a tow dolly with your RV. The tow dolly and trailer storage are usually equipped with brakes which saves you the headache of adding a supplemental braking system to your RV.

What can your RV tow?

You also need to determine the maximum weight that your RV can tow, so you do not accidentally overload and stress your RV by towing more load than it can handle. The GAWR and the GVWR are essential in this process for safe operation. You can determine the capacity of weight that your RV can take by weighing everything at a vehicle scaling station.

You also need to know the maximum weight that your trailer hitch can take, so you don’t go past it. You can check with the trailer hitch manual for this information.

Base plates and tow bars

A tow bar is a device that you use to connect your RV to the vehicle you want to tow. They usually come in two different designs though they both perform the same function. There are the telescoping arm tow bars and the fixed arm style tow bars.

Supplemental braking system

The laws put in place for the supplemental braking system vary from state to state. You will need to have a supplemental braking system installed if you plan on towing your vehicle through a long distance. You will need to apply this with you if you want to avoid any road accidents or face legal matters for the states that require you to install it when towing vehicles.

Running, turn, and brake lights

You need to have all these lights installed on the vehicle you’re towing. There are aftermarket products that are manufactured specifically for this process. These products act as a “plug and play” for whenever you want to signal another vehicle behind you for an action you intend to make on the road, be it turning, running, or breaking.

Towing down the road

When towing down the road, you will feel that your RV doesn’t have the same acceleration as before. But with a good supplemental braking system installed, you will realize that your stopping distance won’t be affected so much. In most cases, you will notice that RVs are always wider than the towed vehicles, and for this reason, you may fail to notice any issue that may arise with the towed vehicle since you cannot see it using your rearview mirror.

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