Most likely, you will want some home cooked food on your RV trip. But did know that fires are one of the top reasons for losing your RV? There are about twenty thousand fires that occur every year. When you use your stove in a small place, it can be disastrous.

But fire isn’t the only hazard when it comes to making food. The way that dangerous chemicals can be inhaled and cause death in the kitchen, this is the same case for your RV as well. To top this all off, the smells from your food can allure animals to invade your RV.

When you own an RV, it is imperative that you watch out for the safety and health of everyone who is travelling with you. Read some extra tips below to cook safely while RVing.

Make sure there is no scent coming from your meals

When you park your RV in a location that has animals such as wolves and bears, you will need to think of the worst case scenario. 

Your food needs to be in the RV at all times. This involves forks, spoons, knives, trash, and other items that bring out a smell. Your food items need to be well-contained and out of site. Make sure your doors and windows are closed as well. 

Learn how to properly grill your food

When you heat up your food, you will most likely need to use one of your appliances. When it comes to charcoal grills, there is a small chance that you are going to mess up. But the carbon monoxide that gets emitted from the grill can kill you. If you have an electric grill, there will be no risk of these fumes.

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Prepare yourself when a fire occurs

When you build your campfire, you need to make sure that it is nowhere near your RV. If there is any wind and embers get on your RV, it can lead to a huge problem.

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Courtesy of Cuselleration