Everyone loves to go traveling with their pets since it can be hard to leave them at home for a while. People with RVs often like to take their animals along because of the freedom and flexibility RV travel offers, along with the chances of being able to be up close and personal with nature.

However, cat owners know they are often not the easiest to travel with since most cats like to stay in familiar surroundings. For those who want to take their cat on an RV trip, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the experience a good one.

1. You should always let your cat get used to the RV. Before getting ready to travel, let your cat sniff and explore the RV so it can get used to it as a second home. Make sure the cat has the chance to do this when everything is quiet and clean so it does not get stressed out or worried. Giving your cat time to get used to the RV will make it easier to travel.

2. Fill the RV with treats and other things your cat likes so it will start to associate the RV with good things. This could help your cat get over its fears of an unfamiliar RV faster.

3. Make sure to clear out a safe spot your cat can be in when the RV is moving. Cats are probably going to be the happiest in a cage while you are driving, so make sure a crate is big enough for your pet to move around in and be able to access a litter box and food. A safe and secure place is going to make your cat easier to travel with and will keep it safe from sudden stops.

4. Be sure to watch out for your cat while driving so it does not come into any danger. Make sure doors and windows are closed while stopped so your pet does not escape, and be sure to have your cat’s information on a collar in case it gets lost.

5. Include a scratching post in your RV so your cat will not scratch the furniture. This could damage the future value of your vehicle and cause a big hassle down the road. Take steps to cat-proof your furniture as well with the use of vinyl and/or tape.

6. Make a perch for your cat to look out the window so it feels more comfortable inside of the RV. Most cats will be happy to look at new scenery or nature and keeping your cat occupied on a perch means it has less of a chance of finding trouble elsewhere.

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7. Be sure to place a cat’s litter box in a hidden spot so your cat will feel more comfortable with using it. Some choose to hide it behind a curtain while others will install a small cat door on a storage container and place the box there.

Finally, find a way to let your cat spend some safe times outdoors. Cats who are able to explore outside of the RV for a bit will be more relaxed and have more patience if you are driving around for a while otherwise. A happier cat will make your RV adventures more fun and exciting.

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Courtesy of Cuselleration