With November in full swing, many people are now long forward to Thanksgiving. The holiday is an enjoyable one for many because it is a chance to see family and enjoy delicious food.

However, some people are interested in a more adventurous holiday, especially since the fall colors are on full display with the foliage across the country. As a result, many people choose to spend the Thanksgiving holidays out in their RVs.

While it might seem difficult to do, it’s actually easier than you think to enjoy a tasty Thanksgiving meal in your RV. The mixture of Thanksgiving and the great outdoors makes for an enjoyable adventure.

Making a turkey in an RV seems like a daunting task on the surface. You don’t have a lot of room and most turkeys are pretty hefty in size. Instead, just purchase two small ones to cook inside the vehicle. This ensures any guests still get their fill of traditional Thanksgiving turkey while making sure you don’t have a lot of leftovers. A smaller turkey will cook better in your small RV oven.

Those without an oven can simply opt for a store-bought cooked turkey or even cook outside over a campfire. The process might take awhile, but it would be a holiday to remember.

When it comes to the sides, be sure to try and cook ahead if you can. This makes it easy to just microwave food or warm it up on the stove until it is ready to serve. Some easy ways to cook up tasty sides is to use a grill or crock pot before going out on the road.

Even though it might not taste as good, instant potatoes or frozen vegetables can often be the most efficient way to go on Thanksgiving. The instant part means your food will be ready to serve in just a few minutes.

No Thanksgiving is ever complete without good desserts. If you’re planning to head out in your RV, taking the time to bake beforehand is always a smart strategy. This makes everything a lot easier once it’s time to actually sit down and eat. Otherwise, crafting a dutch oven to cook can be a neat and unique way to cook a pie or some apple crisps once Thanksgiving Day comes.

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After you have all your food ready to go, don’t be afraid to use your counter space to place plates and bowls so people can eat. Pack a small card table or find a picnic table outside if the weather is good enough to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal out in nature.

The best part about being out in an RV during Thanksgiving is to take advantage of the great outdoors while you’re enjoying a meal. Take the time afterwards to walk around after cleaning everything up to get some exercise and to start working off some of the delicious food you just ate.

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to celebrate Thanksgiving in your RV this season. With a little innovation, you can still make the effort to enjoy a traditional meal with your loved ones while going out on an adventure for the memory books. Plus, this will probably give you some great cooking ideas for the future.

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Courtesy of Cuselleration