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An RV camping trip is a great way for the family to get together, get away from the city, and enjoy what nature has to offer. A trip can quickly go downhill if someone forgot to pack something important!

A good idea is to plan out your meals and what you’re planning to cook before the trip even starts. This way, you can know exactly the type of equipment and ingredients (and how much of it) you’ll need before-hand, so you’re not bringing less or more than you need. Here are some of the basic things you’ll need:
-Utensils (spoons, forks, knives)
-Plates and bowls
-Cups and mugs
-Bowls and spoons for mixing
-Pot and pan
-Cleaning supplies
-Dish soap
-Tupperware, cling wrap, aluminum foil, plastic bags
-Bottle and can opener
-Oil for cooking
-Hand wipes
-Paper towels
-Trash bags

-Bed sheets
-Pillows and pillow cases
-Extra blankets (depending on the temperature of where you are staying)
-Sleeping bags

Bath and Personal Care
One of the great advantages of camping with an RV is that you can avoid bathing in possibly cold or unsanitary streams and lakes since you have the convenience of an actual bathroom. Here are the things you’ll possibly need to keep yourself clean and healthy.
-First aid kit
-Toothbrush and toothpaste
-Soap, shampoo, and lotion
-Insect repellent 
-Lip balm
-Suntan lotion
-Hair care (comb, brush)
-Necessary medicines
-Feminine supplies
-Toilet paper

You never know what can happen on the road, so it is good to always be prepared.
-Cell phone and chargers
-Extra batteries
-Fire extinguisher
-Tool kit
-Duct tape
-Road flares
-Leveling blocks
-Tire pressure gauge
-Jumper cables
-Spare light bulbs
-Extension cord
-Pocket knife
Make sure you learn about where you’re going so you can be properly prepared for your destination and adjust your supplies depending on what is going to be needed. The things you'll need will also depend on what time of year you'll be RVing, so remember to take that into consideration.

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