The benefits of clean water cannot be understated. Water can be contaminated with any of a large number of bacteria. Many people assume that well water is safe, but this may not be a safe assumption. Some of the bacteria found in well water or even in the water supply systems of small municipalities can harbor dangerous bacteria. No one wants to become ill from contaminated water, and this can be a serious problem when traveling. RV Shop offers several products that will ensure your drinking and cooking water is safe. Our supply of replacement cartridges is sure to include a high quality cartridge for your water purification system. The following are just a few of our water purification products.
The CX 90 Replacement Cartridge
This water filter uses a ceramic cartridge to clean water in a natural way. This product filters out contaminants as small as .09 microns while maintaining a high flow rate of 3 gallons a minute.

The Everpure ADC Quick Change Full-Timer Cartridge
This cartridge is made for the Everpure Water Treatment Systems. It will significantly reduce the odor and taste of chlorine while eliminating dirt, asbestos and rust cysts down to 1/2 Micron. This filter has been tested and certified by the NSF.

The Everpure Water Purifier
This is a wonderful system for removing contaminants like cysts, bacteria and viruses while keeping your water free of molds and algae. This system is easy to install and easy to maintain with a quick change filter cartridge. A test kit is included for easy monitoring of the system's performance. It is also easy to winterize.

The Culligan Cartridge
This cartridge uses granular activated charcoal to filter out sand, rust, silt and other types of sediment. It also eliminates foul tastes and odors.

The RV 500A Water Filter
The RV Filter is designed to remove unpleasant odors and tastes from drinking water. It easy to install in motor homes and trailers. This filter contains nearly twice as much carbon as other filters. This feature will extend the life of the filter.

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