Kitchen appliances make your RV a more comfortable home because you have access to the appliances you need to cook just like you would at home. You will not have to look for restaurants or take-out shops to get meals. Fixing meals in your RV is not only more convenient but it is also less costly. Many RV owners like to enjoy a meal in an outdoor setting where they can experience the beauty of their surroundings while avoiding the hassle of traveling to a restaurant and waiting for service. Think about the convenience of being able to eat without changing clothes.

You are sure to find what you are looking for among our huge selection of appliances and accessories. Our popular and most useful products are listed below. These are ideal for making your RV kitchen a kitchen like the one you are accustomed to using. If you are using your RV year around for your permanent home, then you will surely enjoy our appliances and accessories.

This is one of the most appreciated cooking appliances because it is easy to clean and easy to store. The lightweight material conducts heat very well. This plugs directly into the cigarette lighter port. You can fry eggs and cook bacon and hamburgers.

1.5 Qt. Slow Cooker
This appliance is a real labor saver and a great convenience because you can plug it into your cigarette lighter port. The stoneware crock can be removed and washed in a dishwasher. The stretch cord keeps the lid secure while you are traveling. It has a 6' power cord which helps to locate it in a secure position while traveling.

12 Volt Portable Stove
A product of RoadPro, this portable stove plugs into the cigarette lighter port and cooks or warms food up to a temperature of 300 degrees. It has a 15 amp fused 5' power cord.

Norcold Refrigerator/Freezer
This dual compartment refrigerator and freezer has 1.1 cubic foot capacity. It has an electronic temperature control which is easy to read. Uses an optional AC Adapter or a DC Cord.

Atwood Stove Grate
This stove grate works as a replacement for the Wedgewood Stove. This rectangular grate covers two burners.

Sauce Pan and Popcorn Maker
This handy appliance plugs into the cigarette lighter port to heat soups, steam hot dogs and make popcorn.

Oven Thermometer
This thermometer is easy to read and it accurately reflects the oven temperature.

These products are representative of the wide range of high quality products that makes the RV Shop your number one choice for RV equipment.