Owning an RV and using it to travel from place to place can be a hobby for some and an outright lifestyle for others. The RVers enjoy using the RV for vacationing and visiting family for extended stays, while others may use an RV to become a guest host at national parks across the country. Whatever the reason for being devoted to the awesome RV lifestyle, there are lots of RV camping tips and tricks that make it a lot more fun and enjoyable.

1. Storing Your Eggs: Traveling in an RV means minimizing in many ways. One of those ways is dealing with tinier than normal appliances. If storing a dozen eggs in the tiny fridge, you need to cut the carton in half, which makes for better stacking.

2. Keeping Out the Heat and Light: You could use foil bubble material and trim it to fit windows, as a means of keeping the hot sun from heating up the inside of your RV. This could really come in handy on warm summer days, especially if there is no tree cover where you are parked. It also works very well when situated in bedroom windows, for keeping out the light when you want to sleep.

3. Don't Put Harsh Chemicals in The Waste Tank: Instead of picking a cleaner that contains chemicals, you could use a mixture of half a cup of Borax laundry detergent and 1/4 cup water softener. This will prevent the smell that is normally present from these tanks as well as making it more slippery, and not having anything from sticking to the sides of the tank.

4. Know Your Propane Level: Propane is a very important factor for RVers and knowing how much propane is left in the tank is of the utmost importance. One way to make sure of this is to look at the tank early in the morning. Where the dew stops on your tank is the location of where your propane level is. You could also pour a cup of boiling water down the side of the tank and watch the location of where the condensation starts. You could also weigh the tank. A fill tank weighs approximately thirty pounds plus the tank weight.

5. Gauging Your Black Tank Dump Time: Once your black tank starts to get completely full, it will start to sound different. There will be a gurgling sound and most air bubbles will show up. This will mean that the fill level is above the vent line and you need to attempt to dump at the nearest convenient dumpsite.

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6. Put Ice In Your Black Tank: Prior to dumping your black tank, you need to empty a couple bags of ice into it. The sloshing around will clean out the inside walls of the black tank. You should maake sure it is completely empty.

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