Your RV is what you make of it and with more individuals turning to tinier spaces to live affordably, those with a skill of interior design are making incredible use of the small space. By following a few simple RV-specific decor guidelines and adding tiny elements of personal touch, you could turn your RV into a dream vacation home for you and your family.

Playing Up the Themes 

Minimalism is always the standard design for tiny spaces, but that does not mean you should not spruce up your RV with some fun or themed decor. The secret is to find and implement decor that does not take up any valuable internal space. Colorful door and counter knobs are a nice way to turn a standard part of your RV into a beautiful and textured room accent. 

Keeping a simple theme could help add some personality to your RV space without being too overwhelming. To assist with making the space feel open, RV owners tend to stay with light colors inside and use white paint to add the illusion of space. If you are looking to completely redo your RV, you should consider painting the inside with a white or light beige paint to keep the space looking open and new. Neutral colors will make sure that any accent decor does not clash and allows you to switch up your decor as much as you want. 

Personalize It with Accents 

If you have the room for a small shelf along the wall, you should consider adding one to use for your plants to keep them from taking up most of the counter space. Plants will add some nice color and liveliness to any indoor space and even a small plant can rapidly brighten a room. On the shelf, a plant will fit nicely no matter what it is next to and you can use the pot as a decorative element as well. 

Using wall space is imperative because the floor space is limited and needs to be reserved for standing or walking. This not only assists in keeping the space comfortable, but also helps decrease the weight of your RV, which can help the less experienced drivers avoid accidents that happen when turning or slowing down too fast with an RV that is much heavier than the car you are used to. 

Even though the inside of your RV is what matters most, you do not have to forget all about the outside of your RV. If you have set up shop for a couple days, you can add some lights or a fun flag outside to make it feel just like home. Just be sure to put everything away before driving home or to the next spot to avoid distractions.

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With a relatively tiny budget, you could totally change up your living area in an RV. Small changes make a huge difference in tiny places, so you should invest in some ceramic for the four by four feet of kitchen counter you might have and an elaborate two by three foot rug for the living room. 

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Courtesy of Cuselleration