RV vacations can be a lot of fun. You can your friends going around in a recreational vehicle and travelling to different destinations. You can feel a sense of being free to go anywhere you want and check out new places. There are some cons in these travels. Being healthy is one of the things you can’t ignore. It is very easy to become careless about your health when you’re on vacation. When you travel for a long distance, you should keep your health at the forefront. Read these ways to stay healthy on a long RV trip.


Sit Up Straight

Do you notice that your back hurts during a long trip? You should put a long pillow on your low back to help you stay in great posture. You should try working outside as well. It may be awkward at first, but you will get used to it the more you do it. You will be thankful that you did this because most likely this will save you from future back pain. 


Stretch Your Body

You need to make sure to keep up with your stretching. You should stretch your legs and back. Put your feet slightly away from each other and bend over. Let your palms fall to the floor. Breath slowly. This stretching will be great keep your nerves from pinching. When you sit for a long time, back pain can happen. You can also stop in a nature area and do yoga. 

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Stay Hydrated

Research has found that a lot of individuals get exhausted in the afternoon because they don’t drink a lot of water. Don’t drive while you’re exhausted because this is unhealthy and unsafe. You will have more energy and stay healthier when you are hydrated. Even though you will most likely need to stop at the bathroom more often, this is a great way to ensure safety for your passengers. 


Keep Your Eyes Away from the UV Rays

To protect your eyes from the sun, you will need to bring some eyewear on your trip. When you block the unsafe sun from your eyes, your eyesight will be better for the road. 

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Courtesy of Cuselleration