Some things that RVers forget when it comes to maintenance are its tires. People sometimes forget that tires wear out over time because they are created with rubber. Evaporation of the chemical and oil makes the rubber less flexible and more breakable. Dry tires happen when the chemical bond wears out. You will know when it is time to change the tires when the black tires turn grey and the treads start showing through. It’s very dangerous to drive with tires such as these. Did you know that the hot road can cause the tire to expand and eventually rip open while driving? Please don’t risk ruining your trip without checking your tires.


For these reasons, the tire business has recommended that you change your tires every decade. There are few companies in the tire industry that want you to change your tires every five years due to wear and tear. This can result in bad accidents and can make your unsafe.


Dry rot in tires and the lack of being used can cause them to deflate. This dryness will happen more often on motorhomes and jeeps because they are used less frequently. People who own older cars rarely drive them once every two months. RVers are the same way. Usually boat trailers and campers are rarely used because they are seasonal. A lot of people own own trailers get scared when the tires on their vehicles dry out after just two years. 


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When the tires’ pressure is lower and the sun is exposed to the tires, it can cause them to dry out as well. When it tires are not inflated the proper way, it could damage them early and can be dangerous. This is very important for RVers because they have to depend on the tire company to know to the proper tire pressure to add to the tires. Even though the information is displayed on the tire, you need to know that the high rating is stamped on it as well. RV owners need to check their pressure with a measure tool and the RV needs to be frequently driven. 


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