Want to live in an RV with dogs? We don’t blame you - a pet is just about the best travel companion you can bring with you. They don’t question your driving style, choice of RV campground or how long it’s been since you last bathed!

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get ready to travel with your furry friend. 

Plan Ahead When You RV with Dogs

Planning is the best thing you can do to make sure everything goes smoothly. For example, you’d hate to get on the road and figure out a few days later that you forgot the dog’s flea and tick medication. That stuff is expensive, but also important to make sure your hound doesn’t bring critters into your RV!

Start by making a list of things you’d need for your pup. Here’s a short one to get you started:

  • Leash

  • Collar

  • Water bowl

  • Food bowl

  • Dog food

  • Flea and tick medicine

  • Dog bed

  • Dog seat belt

  • Dog poop bags

  • Chip (inserted into dog by vet)

Depending on where you will stay, it may be better to bring more than you think you’d need. You may not be able to make a quick drive up to Walmart to get more dog food. 

Which leads us to the most important part of planning: 

Find an RV Campground for Dogs

Well - obviously it wouldn’t really be for dogs. But some RV parks are better-suited for pets than others. For example, some parks have fenced in areas for your dog to run around. Others have a lot of trails nearby, giving you a great place to take the pup for exercise everyday. Some will have doggie bag stations distributed throughout the property, making it easy for you to pick up after your dog without having to bring your own bags. 

The best way to really see if a park is dog-friendly is to check out their website or call. You don’t want to show up at a park in the dark, then come to realize it isn’t pet-friendly and have to find another. 

Keep an Eye on Dogs in RV Parks

Some people let their dogs wander all over the park. Besides being a good way to irritate your neighbors, you’re also increasing your risk of the dog getting hurt by another animal. Unless you’re in a very urban RV park, there’s probably a lot of wildlife close by - snakes, bears, foxes, eagles and more. 

Make sure your dog stays close by. Even if you let them go into a fenced area, go in there with them to check it out. Snakes are hard to see unless you get close, and you don’t want Fido to get too close. 

Taking your dog with you in an RV is fun. They offer great companionship, keep you warm at night and can alert you if something is wrong. Just make sure you take good care of your pup by following these tips, and you’ll have a better overall RV experience. 

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Courtesy of Cuselleration