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   Dinosaur Electronics Replacement Boards for Cummins/Onan RV Generators    
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Dinosaur Electronics
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Direct Replacement Boards for Onan®

ONAN® Model # SPEC DinosaurPart #
for original
Dinosaur Part # with 3950 or 3951 kit installed
(Emerald) BGE A-E 300-2784/2943  
BGEL B-D 300-2784/2943  
BGE/BGEL E-G ** 300-3056/3687 300-3763
BGE/BGEL H-M 300-3763  
(Marquis) BGM A ** 300-3056/3687 300-3763
CCK A-U 300C859  
NH-RV A-D 300C859  
(Power Drawer) NH ----- 300-1073/4950  
A-C ** 300-3056/3687* 300-3763
NHD D-H 300-3763
NHEL A-C 300-2784/2943 300-3763
NHEL D-G ** 300-3056/3687
NHEL H 300-3763
NHM A ** 300-3056/3687 300-3763
* Cut and remove W1 jumper on our board

** These models where originally produced with the 300-3056 board, wich was discontinued and replaced by the 300-3687 board. The 300-3687 board was discontinued and replaced by the 300-3950 kit, or the 300-3951 kit, which consists of a 300-3763-0? board and a wire harness. You must use the part # of the board that is in the generator to order the proper Dinosaur replacement board.

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