WiFi Range Extender, WF-3000
WiFi Range Extender, WF-3000

WiFi Range Extender, WF-3000

Your Price: $360.00
Part Number: 71-4287
WiFi Range Extender, WF-3000

Turns ‘WiFi Dead Zones’ into entertainment zones. The Winegard ConnecT helps you keep mobile devices, media players and computers connected to WiFi. Get ready for a consistent, reliable connection and expanded coverage wherever the road may take you.
Broadcast Range: Disc
Wireless Connectivity: Disc
Frequency (GHz): Disc
Speed: Disc
Voltage Input: Disc
Wattage Rating: Disc
Antenna: Disc
Security Encryption: Disc
Case Material: Disc
Waterproof: Disc
Mounting Type: Disc
LAN Quantity: Disc
With WAN: Disc 
  • Increased WiFi Range
  • Secures Personal Connection
  • Simple To Scan And Find Network
  • An Integrated System That Works Together For Faster Speeds And Increased Range From WiFi Source
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

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