What Are Fender Skirts?

Fender skirts are pieces of Bodywork that will cover the upper portion of
the tires on your motor home or trailer. Fender skirts are important both
aesthetically and aerodynamically as it allows air to flow smoothly over the
bodywork instead of flowing into and getting trapped in the wheel well.

Why Do You Need a Fender Skirt For Your RV?
RV fender skirts are sometimes damaged when a tire blows or when a hard
object such as a rock hits it. They also get brittle as the time goes by due
to the sun and weather exposure. To ensure that your RV is looking its best,
you may need to consider replacing the original fender skirt with a high
quality replacement.

Many RV models are available in a broad range of styles and shapes from
different vendors. This fact may make it almost impossible to identify the
best replacement part. However, there are various considerations that you
need to make before buying your fender skirt. What is the year, make and
model of your outfit?  Is your old skirt fiberglass or plastic?  You should
measure and know the length, height and any other dimensions that will help
us determine your skirt.

Also, your RV fender skirt is either a single, tandem or tripple axle cover.
Single axle RV fenders are mostly used on Class A & C motorhomes while
Tandem & Triple axle RV fenders are used with the large Travel Trailers,
Fifth Wheels, and Toy Haulers. Most of the online tools would help you to
sort fender skirts by their original RV manufacturer or Brand.

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