There are a lot of ways to save money on the road while RVing. In our experience, here are a few of the best ways to keep your expenses down without sacrificing lifestyle. 

Tip to Save Money while RVing #1: Don’t Eat at Restaurants

Most Americans spend $300 a month eating out at restaurants. That’s crazy to hear but isn’t very surprising. We are a nation that lives on fast food and eating out at restaurants regularly. 

When you’re RVing, resolve to avoid eating at restaurants. Even spending money on fast food can add up quickly depending on where you go or what you get. 

It just doesn’t make sense to eat at restaurants when you have your own kitchen and drinks. Sure it takes time to cook, and you don’t have the luxury of someone washing your dishes like at a restaurant. However, you get to save a lot of money, eat healthier and enjoy your RV and wherever you’re parked. You can’t ask for more than that while you’re out on this adventure. 

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Tip to Save Money while RVing #2: Pick the Right Location

Have you ever gone to stay at a beach hotel during the off-season? Hotels lower their rates during that time, so you can save a lot of money while still enjoying the amenities that offer for much more during the peak season.

The same thing happens with RV parking spots. Go during the offseason, and you’ll probably find the fees to be lower than normal. 

Likewise, choosing the right RV location has the same effect. If your goal is to head down to a big city or tourist town on the coast, your parking fees will be high. That’s the price you pay for going somewhere that is busy and has a lot of traffic during that time of year. 

Try going someplace off the beaten path. The parking fees are usually cheaper, plus you’ll have fewer people around. That’s a win-win. 

Tip to Save Money while RVing #3: Walmart

Walmart will be your friend while RVing. There are a few reasons why. First, you can find them all over the country. There are literally thousands, so unless you’re in an area with almost no civilization you probably have one relatively close by. 

Second, it’s inexpensive and you don’t need to buy huge quantities to save money. Walmart even tends to be cheaper than other budget-oriented grocery stores like Kroger. Take advantage of that. 

Third, they have just about everything you’d need. From groceries to clothes to entertainment, Walmart has it. 

Finally, Walmart is a great place to park your RV for a night or two. Generally, they don’t mind when RVs park in their lot overnight. Any night spent at Walmart instead of an RV park will save you the rental fee. 

At the end of the day, the best way to save money while RVing is to plan ahead. The more planning you do upfront, with everything from meals to location and vehicle maintenance, the less money you’ll spend and more you’ll enjoy yourself.

Courtesy of Cuselleration