Water Heater Valve Wrench, 11653
Water Heater Valve Wrench, 11653

Water Heater Valve Wrench, 11653

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Part Number: 02-0227
Water Heater Valve Wrench, 11653

Open or close stubborn water heater drain valves without scraping your knuckles. Heavy duty, high-impact plastic wrench has an adjustable handle that lets you get at hard-to-reach valves with leverage to loosen stubborn valves. Open handle allows hot water to flow to front of heater, preventing pooling.
Type: Open/ Close End
Finish: Matte
Material: Plastic 
  • Open Or Close Stubborn Water Heater Drain Valves Without Scraping Your Knuckles
  • Heavy Duty, High-Impact Plastic Wrench Has An Adjustable Handle
  • Open Handle Allows Hot Water To Flow To Front Of Heater, Preventing Pooling
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty

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