Water Heater Tank Rinser, TSF-100
Water Heater Tank Rinser, TSF-100

Water Heater Tank Rinser, TSF-100

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Part Number: 09-0260
Water Heater Tank Rinser, TSF-100

All RV water heaters build up sediment in the tank up to the drain line. The flushing wand hooks up to a water hose and then you insert the wand into the drain opening. Turn on the water valve and work the bottom of the tank for about a minute or until the water becomes clear as it flows out the drain..

IncludesIncludes Flush Tool
  • Premium Zinc alloy anodes out last all others
  • Polished brass will never corrode in drain opening like steel bushings
  • Unique drain feature. Allows you to drain the water heater without tools
  • Never gives off any foul odors in the water system
  • Universal application. Fits all current RV water heaters

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