Ultra M Pro Travel Trailer Lock, Black TTLM-45100-2006
Ultra M Pro Lock, TTLM-45100-2006

Ultra M Pro Travel Trailer Lock, Black TTLM-45100-2006

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Ultra M Pro Travel Trailer Lock, Black TTLM-45100-2006
Part Number: TTLM-45100-2006

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    New Style Travel Trailer Lock. This newly designed lock has a full size handle for an easier grip and a revolutionary integrated deadbolt system that provides added security on your RV.

    • Same cut out as standard Travel Trailer Locks (3.75 T x 2.75 W)
    • Key Alike Ready
    • New revolutionary deadbolt system that provides more security
    • New design with full size handle for easier grip
    • Easy installation with just a screw driver
    • Interior safety release for emergency exit
This lock can be keyed to match any Global Link Key Number G301 through G391

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G301, G302, G303, G304, G305, G306, G307, G308, G309, G310, G311, G312, G313, G314, G315, G316, G317, G318, G319, G320, G321, G322, G323, G324, G325, G326, G327, G328, G329, G330, G331, G332, G333, G334, G335, G336, G337, G338, G339, G340, G341, G342, G343, G344, G345, G346, G347, G348, G349, G350, G351, G352, G353, G354, G355, G356, G357, G358, G359, G360, G361, G362, G363, G364, G365, G366, G367, G368, G369, G370, G371, G372, G373, G374, G375, G376, G377, G378, G379, G380, G381, G382, G383, G384, G385, G386, G387, G388, G389, G390, G391 from the drop down window. 

Depending on stock keys may have Purple or Black Heads.

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