Toiletries Holder Suction Mount, 36700
Toiletries Holder Suction Mount, 36700

Toiletries Holder Suction Mount, 36700

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Toiletries Holder Suction Mount, 36700

  • Used To: Hold Soap Bottles/ Sponges/ Utensils/ Toothbrush/ Bar Soap/ Shower Head/ Hand Sprayer
  • Capacity (LB): 20 Pounds
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Mounting Type: Suction Mount
  • With Storage Basket: Yes
  • With Toothbrush Holder: Yes
  • With Bar Soap Holder: Yes
  • With Shower Spray Holder: Yes
  • With Wall Hooks: Yes
  • 5-In-1 Kit Contains: Bar Soap Staytion, Hook Staytion, Spray Staytion, Toothbrush Staytion And, Of Course, The Storage Staytion
  • Suction Cups That Stick To Any Smooth, Non-Porous Surface
  • No Adhesives Or Screws Needed
  • Strong Holding Power Up To 20 Pounds
  • Simple To Use
  • Patented Red Line Warning System: If The Staytion Begins To Lose Suction, You’ll Know In Advance Before Anything Falls. Simply Push The Button And It's Secure

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