Tail Light Converter, 119147
Tail Light Converter, 119147

Tail Light Converter, 119147

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Part Number: 17-0315
Tail Light Converter, 119147

Power SourceDirect Battery Powered
FunctionConverts 2 Wire System to 3 Wire System
Ampere Rating (A)2.1/ 7.5 Amp
With Circuit ProtectionYes
Includes Circuit ProbeNo
Estimated Install Time (Hours)1.5
  • Draws Power Directly From The Vehicle Battery And Uses Less Than 5 Milli Ampere Of The Vehicle Circuit For Sensing To Turn The Trailer Functions On And Off
  • Will Work With Either LED Or Incandescent Bulbs. Has Integrated Re-Settable Short Circuit And Overload Protection To Safeguard Itself And The Tow Vehicle From Shorts And Installation Wiring Mishaps
  • Designed Not To Send Feedback Through The Vehicle Circuits. The Trailer Brakes Will Override The Hazard Lamps When The Brake Is Activated
  • The Taillight Circuit Has Been Upgraded To Work With Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Vehicles This Will Allow The Converter To Turn On Fully And Gives The Trailer Lights Full Brightness During Activation
  • Will Work With Most Vehicles That Have A Multiplex System For Lighting
  • Can Be Used On A 2 Wire Or 3 Wire System. All Solid State Components In Potted Encapsulation
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

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