Roof Repair Kit, 402-PR
Roof Repair Kit, 402-PR

Roof Repair Kit, 402-PR

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Part Number: 13-1245
Roof Repair Kit, 402-PR

  • Used For: Repair Punctures/ Tears And Breaks On EPDM Rubber/ TPO/ Metal/ Plastic And Fiberglass Roofs
  • With Poly Fabric: No
  • With Tape: Yes
  • With Mixer: No
  • With Brush: No
  • Easily Repair Punctures, Tears, And Breaks
  • Kit Includes A Peel-And-Stick EPDM Rubber Patch And A Tube Of Lap Sealant
  • Kit Can Be Used To Patch EPDM Rubber, TPO Plastic, PVC, Metal And Fiberglass Roofing
  • Withstands A Wide Range Of Temperatures And Environments
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Remains Flexible
  • Easy Application

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