Portable Refrigerator / Freezer, CFX-50W
Portable Refrigerator / Freezer, CFX-50W

Portable Refrigerator / Freezer, CFX-50W

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Portable Refrigerator / Freezer, CFX-50W

The Dometic CoolFreeze CFX has some seriously impressive features. Firstly, there’s the CFX Special Electronics which include an intelligent automatic turbo cooler and memory function. Then not only is it suitable for deep freezing down to –22 Degree Celsius but it can also operate on solar power. Plus, regardless of the outside temperature, this cooler will provide a first class, superbly quiet cooling performance. You can take this amazing cooler and freezer wherever you go! Fitted with heavy-duty details like reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges and a robust lid lining, the hi tech coolers in the CFX series can withstand the most demanding of loads. The CFX 35W to CFX 100W models give you the convenient option of controlling and monitoring the cooling temperature by Wi-Fi app. Its genuine compressor and unique Variable Motor Speed Optimization technology helps the CFX range to operate quietly and efficiently, even in extreme conditions. 
Type: Single Compartment Adjustable For Refrigerator Or Freezer Function
Capacity: 1.7 Cubic Feet
Height (IN): 18.54 Inch
Width (IN): 17.91 Inch
Depth (IN): 28.54 Inch
Power Source: 2-Way Alternating Current/ Direct Current
Voltage Rating: 240/ 12/ 24 Volt
Ampere: 0.95/ 7.8 Amp
Temperature Control: Digital
Color: Gray
Installation Type: Portable
With Ice Maker: No
With Door Tray/ Shelving: No 
  • LED Light: Energy Efficient LED Interior Light
  • Heavy-Duty Design With Reinforced Corners And A Robust Closing Mechanism; Rugged Features And Robust Design – Made To Endure Extreme Environments
  • Energy Efficient Genuine Compressor Technology Provides Fast And Efficient Cooling And Freezing, Even In Extremely High Outside Temperatures; USB Port For Charging Small Electronic Devices
  • Efficient Deep-Freezing: Sensational Deep-Freeze Performance Down To –22 Degree Celsius With Minimal Energy Consumption
  • Store Fresh Food And Drinks Effortlessly With Removable Wire Basket With Divider
  • Temperature Control Via Wi-Fi-App: Easy-To-Use Wi-Fi App To Help Set, Control And Monitor Temperatures In Compartment From A Mobile Device
  • Easy To Carry: Space-Saving Folding And Detachable Carrying Handles
  • Ability To Set Temperatures Between 10 Degree Celsius To –18 Degree Celsius (Normal Use) With The Ability To Run At –22 Degree Celsius Up To 50 Degree Celsius Below Ambient Temperature
  • Generous Gross Capacity Of 50 Liter To Fit 72 Cans And A Standard Riesling Bottle Upright; Polypropylene Lid Is Completely Detachable And Reversible For Functional Use
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

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