Outdoor Door Mat Black, ODM1B
Outdoor Door Mat Black, ODM1B

Outdoor Door Mat Black, ODM1B

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Door Mat
Part Number: 04-0115

Outdoor Door Mat Black, ODM1B

Length: 39 Inch
Width: 24 Inch
Type: Outdoor
Design: No Design
Color: Black
Material: Recyclable Resin 
  • Made From 100 Percent Recyclable Resin
  • Features A Specially Designed Scraper Edge Combined With Semi-Rigid Cones To Remove Debris From Shoes
  • Perimeter Vents Surround The Edges To Allow Liquids To Drain From The Mat With Ease
  • Robust Design Enables The OutdoorMat™ To Stay-Put And Lay-Flat
  • Makes It The Perfect And Exceptionally Functional Accessory For Any Doorway - From Busy Businesses To A Household Of Outdoor Lovers
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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