Onan Oil Filter, 187-1000
Cummins Power Generation Onan Fuel Filter,187-1000 , different number pictured

Onan Oil Filter, 187-1000

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Onan Oil Filter, 187-1000
Part Number: 48-2065
Cummins Power Generation Onan Oil Filter, 187-1000

Green Label Parts oil filters feature valves that allow oil to bypass the oil filter during cold starts, or if the filter becomes plugged. Other manufacturer's oil filters often do not have bypass valves. As these "will-fit" filters trap debris, oil pressure starvation can occur, leading to high oil pressures, failed gaskets, and even engine damage.
Compatibility: Generator Models Quiet Diesel HDCAA And HDCAB
With Filter Bypass Valve: Yes

  • Features Valves That Allow Oil To Bypass The Oil Filter During Cold Starts, Or If The Filter Becomes Plugged
  • Limited 90 Day Warrant

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