Nova Locking Latch, Black BLL-LK448-2006
Nova Locking Latch, Black BLL-LK448-2006

Nova Locking Latch, Black BLL-LK448-2006

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Nova Locking Latch, Black BLL-LK448-2006
Part Number: BLL-LK448-2006

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Nova Locking Latch, BLL-LK448-2006 Black
Outside dimensions 3-7/8" x 4"
Inside dimensions 4" x 5-1/2"

This Latch includes:
  • Interior and Exterior Parts
  • Shim for doors that are only .725" thick
  • Four new mounting screws
  • Two keys
This latch is used on many compartment doors including Challenger Doors.
This latch is made of plastic.

This lock can be keyed to match any Global Link Key Number G301 through G390

Choose Either 
G301, G302, G303, G304, G305, G306, G307, G308, G309, G310, G311, G312, G313, G314, G315, G316, G317, G318, G319, G320, G321, G322, G323, G324, G325, G326, G327, G328, G329, G330, G331, G332, G333, G334, G335, G336, G337, G338, G339, G340, G341, G342, G343, G344, G345, G346, G347, G348, G349, G350, G351, G352, G353, G354, G355, G356, G357, G358, G359, G360, G361, G362, G363, G364, G365, G366, G367, G368, G369, G370, G371, G372, G373, G374, G375, G376, G377, G378, G379, G380, G381, G382, G383, G384, G385, G386, G387, G388, G389, G390, G391 from the drop down window. 

Depending on stock keys may have Purple or Black Heads.  G391 are Grey.

California Prop 65 WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. 
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