Maxilube Anti-Friction Metal Treatment, Gallon 128 Oz ML128
Maxilube Anti-Friction Metal Treatment, Gallon 128 Oz ML128

Maxilube Anti-Friction Metal Treatment, Gallon 128 Oz ML128

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Maxilube Anti-Friction Metal Treatment, Gallon 128 Oz ML128
Part Number: ML128
Maxilube ML128, 1 gallon bottle, anti-friction metal treatment is 100% synthetic. It is non-hazardous and bio-degradable and contains no petroleum distillates. Maxilube is not an oil additive, it is a metal treatment. Once the metal is treated with MAXILUBE friction virtually disappears. The engine will run much cooler, quieter and cleaner with more power, less oil consumption and better mileage.

Maxi Lube

Made in USA

Use with all Lubricants to reduce friction, heat and wear.

Extends life, lowers operating temperatures, cuts oil and fuel consumption, increases power and reduces maintenance.

Add to existing lubricants:
In oils lighter than 80W, use 1-1/5-2 oz per quart.
For oils and lubes 80W or heavier, use 3-4 oz per quart.
In hydraulic fluids, use ½-1 oz / per quart.
Mix 1 oz into each tube or pound of grease.
Typical application rates for cars, vans, light trucks:
V8 Engine 10 oz.
4 to 6 Cylinder Engines 8 oz.
Differential 6 oz.
Transfer Case 6 oz.
Manual Transmission 5 oz.
Automatic Transmission 3 oz.
Power Steering 3 oz.
Wheel Bearing ½ oz.

Treat at half the above rates when lubricants are added or changed.


NOTE.  This product is not a lubricant; do not substitute for oils.

Do not use in Limited-Slip or Posi-Traction Differentials.

Caution: Maxilube is non hazardous with normal use.  In the event of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes; get medical attention.  For skin contact, wash with soap and water.  Do not take internally.  If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Maxilube is a registered trademark.

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