Summer is coming! It’s time to make sure your RV is ready for your next adventure and we have everything that you need to make sure your RV is up to snuff. After spending a winter stored away there might be a lot of work to get it your RV back into pristine condition and running smoothly. Winter can be hard on the exterior of your RV so you should do a thorough inspection of all your fans and vents to make sure they didn’t take any damage.

It’s important to look for cracks around the seals of your vents and to make sure all of them are clear of blockages. Good seals and clean air flow is important for your batteries, air conditioning, heaters, and refrigerator otherwise you might find yourself making a costly replacement later. It’s easy and quick to replace any cracked or broken vents. We have all the parts that you need.

In order to have a great summer with your RV it has to be in tip-top shape and in order to be comfortable it’s important to ensure all of your fans are working well and to replace them if they aren’t. While the roof fans may seem like something small that you can put off to next year you have to anticipate that someone is going be turning it on at some point. This can put a lot of wear and tear on your electrical systems and it’s wear that can cost you a lot to repair later. 

Make sure that you check all your hoses for cracks, splits, or breaks because the last thing you need is for a sewer hose to give out suddenly when you’re on the highway. RV Shop has everything that you will need to get going for a great summer under the stars and on the road. Whether it is the crank handle for your roof (that always seems to get lost) or anything beyond; if you need it we have it. 

RV Shop is proud to offer you the best of what you need to repair your RV or even to spruce it up with things that your RV doesn’t have. Make sure to swing by our parts departments and stock up on the little items that your RV needs before you have a problem; vent hinges, seals, screens, water valve kits, and exhaust lights.

We can save you money on the simple repairs that you need today. 

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