Line Voltage Monitor, 12-4058
Line Voltage Monitor, 12-4058

Line Voltage Monitor, 12-4058

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Part Number: 02-0233
Line Voltage Monitor, 12-4058

Make sure that you are operating your AC appliances within safe operating range of 110 to 130 Volt. Easy to read digital display constantly shows outlet voltage in one volt increments. Built in polarity check warns of potential electrical shock.
Used For: Shows If Low Voltage Condition Exists
Type: Plug-In Wall Socket
Display Type: Digital
Control Voltage: 110 Volts To 130 Volts 
  • Easy To Read Digital Display Constantly Shows Outlet Voltage In One Volt Increments
  • Built In Polarity Check Warns Of Potential Electrical Shock
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty

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