The Importance of Your RV’s Tire Pressure

While all these checks are important for any vehicle, for your own RV, Radney recommends you keep tire maintenance at the top of your list.

“The best thing you can do for your RV is to maintain tire pressure and make sure all your tires are in good shape,” says Radney. “RVs and trailers are heavy vehicles, so it’s very important to regularly monitor tires.”


Follow Your RV Maintenance Checklist

When preparing for a trip, the No. 5 Farmers Insurance team follows regulations and checklists from the Department of Transportation (DOT) for their vehicles. While your vehicle may not be regulated by the DOT, its good practice to have a pre-departure checklist before heading out with your own RV or trailer.

  • Insides the RV:
    • Check all appliances and clean any dusty or dirty areas (especially behind the refrigerator).
    • Inspect door seals.
    • Clean air filters and air conditioning unit.
    • Clear vents of any debris or nests.
    • Inspect your gas line and any burner tubes and stove issues.
    • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Outside the RV:
    • Look for cracks in the body or the roof.
    • Check all lights and signals.
  • Performance:
    • Check the engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, coolant, and washer fluid.
    • Check the tire pressure.
    • Make sure your battery is charged.
    • Check for any plumbing issues.

“It takes about 30 minutes to go through the checklist we use before we actually leave the shop to head out to a race,” says Radney. “When we arrive at our destination, we have to go through that list again to make sure everything is still operating as it should.”


Cleaning Your RV

In addition to functional maintenance, RVs, trailers, and race haulers all experience a high amount of foot traffic. Having that much movement in a small space can create quite a mess, so frequent cleaning is important to lengthen the life of your vehicle.

“We have 20 or 30 different people in and out of the race hauler during the weekend, so I’m constantly cleaning throughout the day,” says Radney. “We make sure to wipe down the counters, vacuum the floors and organize the tools and parts in our storage cabinet.”


Prepare for Anything

On an average weekend, the No. 5 Farmers Insurance team is at the track for three days. Anytime you’re traveling away from home, you hope for the best. But, it’s smart to prepare for the unexpected.

“Having spare tires is important in case of an emergency because it’s not always easy to locate the specific tires you need for your RV or trailer,” says Radney. “If you’ve broken down on the side of the road, it’s also ideal to have flares and triangles in place so you can warn oncoming traffic that you’re off the road.”


Whether you’re hauling a race car to the track or your family to the state park, your RV serves as a second home and it deserves the best care and maintenance to ensure it’s around for years to come.