The coronavirus is on everyone’s minds right now. Schools are shutting down. The stock market is declining due to concerns of the economic impact. Events with lots of people such as sports games are getting cancelled. 

In short - it’s affecting our entire society, including RVers. While some RVers are able to retreat to their permanent residence, many of us have adapted RVing as a lifestyle and are still currently on the road. To help keep you safe during this strange time, here are a few tips.

RVing Coronavirus Tip #1: Don’t Get Too Close

RVers are some of the friendliest, most welcoming people in the world. When you’re the newcomer to an RV camp, it’s not uncommon for a few of your new neighbors to come say hi. 

While that’s a great thing, right now is a good time to keep your distance. You can still say hi and talk to them, but avoid getting within 6 feet of them if possible. Instead of shaking hands, you can opt to wave from afar as a greeting.

Likewise, when you’re hanging out with folks just make sure you keep your distance. Avoid a situation where you need to be very close to someone. Practice social distancing by avoiding groups of more than a few people. Sitting around a campfire with 6 ft between each pair of people is probably okay. Sitting around a picnic table where your elbows are touching people on both sides of you is not. 

RVing Coronavirus Tip #2: Avoid Large Crowds

While we’re talking about gatherings, let’s be clear - you should avoid large crowds altogether. 

There are numerous articles floating around the internet right now that explain why it’s important for us to avoid contact with too many people. The summary is the more people you come in contact with, the faster this virus will spread. The best weapon we have to combat it right now is isolation. The fewer people we spend time around, the slower the virus can spread across this great nation. 

Yes, that is a bummer. RVers love to spend time together and go to local events. The ability to travel and visit fairs and festivals is a passion for some RVers, but try to avoid them for now until this whole thing blows over. You never know when you’re around someone who has been exposed to the virus. Since the symptoms can take up to 2 weeks to appear, they may not even know it!

RVing Coronavirus Tip #3: Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

There’s a reason why things like Lysol and hand sanitizer are sold out at retail stores. Killing the virus before it gets to your eyes, nose or mouth is a critical piece of keeping yourself healthy. Since our hands are the most likely part of our body to have contact with the virus, sanitize them regularly throughout the day. The most important times to clean your hands are right before you eat or prepare food and after sneezing/coughing into them. 

Are these tips foolproof? Unfortunately they’re not but if everyone follows them, you and every other RVer out there is more likely to avoid the coronavirus to stay safe and healthy.

Courtesy of Cuselleration