Sometimes it’s necessary to make a few changes to make your RV feel like new, after all, the idea behind RVing is traveling in comfort — otherwise, everyone would just take a car, hit a series of motels and call it a day, right?


Nowadays if you purchase an RV, whether it’s new or old, it’s going to go through some remodeling to make it feel more like home. But renovating an RV can be a ton of work. People generally spend over a year rebuilding their RV from the studs up.


Making an RV better match your personality and style doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to bring out the entire toolbox and max out the credit cards. There are simple changes you can make to your house on wheels to make it feel more like your home:


1. Window Curtains & Valances

Windows take up a lot more wall space inside the RV than you probably realize, so don’t let old-fashioned, mismatched curtains take up that precious space. A better idea would be to switch out those unpleasant window curtains for either privacy blinds or a blackout curtains that better match your décor. It’s also easy to reupholster the RV valances and create a whole new feeling to the space.

2. Decorate

Sometimes, people think it’s weird to hang up posters and pictures on the walls of a vehicle—particularly if you’ve rented it. But if that vehicle is the place you’re going to call your home, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it feel that way!


The one thing that most solo travelers miss, more than anything else, is friends and family. Why not stick photographs of your loved ones up so you never have to feel that far away? Even souvenirs and presents from specific trips can help to make the environment feel like your own!


3. Plants

Green is the new black. There’s nothing bad about adding plants to an RV space. In fact, it’s this change that magically makes it look more attractive and feel more inviting. Not to mention there are the added benefits of plants purifying the air, their ability to decrease stress, and providing food if you grow herbs like basil or mint.



4. Lights

The best part of lights is that they not only change the mood of a room, but they also change the perceived size of a room. Standard lights that come in RVs are functional, but most times they are also harsh on the eyes. Adding different lights to create ambient lighting is the key to making your RV more comfortable to relax or entertain in. Using light colors freshens up the environment in your RV.


5. Add Some Scents

Adding some scents in your RV is also a great idea. You can use incense, flowers, scent spots, etc. to add a new dimension to your living space.


These are just a few examples of things you can do to make your living space truly yours. Just use your imagination, things you love, and allow your own look to emerge within the living area.


Have More Questions?

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