Suppose that you buy an RV for a cross-country road trip.You can simply pull into a campground that you have reserved ahead of time and set up for an overnight stay in the middle of nature in Yosemite National Park. One step outside of your RV gains you entrance into the natural world and a range of interesting sights, wildlife and activities.

Hotel lodging isolates you from your surrounding environment. But RVing brings you closer to nature and lets you enjoy the surrounding environment without having to give up all the comforts and luxuries that you have come to expect from a real vacation.

Imagine that you can return from an exhausting hike to your air-conditioned RV and watch a movie on your flat-screen TV while seated on a pullout couch in the living area of your RV. If you are sweaty, you can take a shower and make use of the private bathroom facilities. The fundamental value of an RV over typical camping is the provision of true comfort.

What is the Cost to RV Across the US?

The cost of a cross-country RV trip can vary in different ways. This depends on the length of the trip, the common cost to stay overnight in a campground, the path you are going, gas and food costs, RV maintenance costs and the various recreational activities.

When renting an RV to travel across the country, there are four costs are likely to affect your budget most significantly. This includes the the rental rate for your RV, the distance you have traveled, the length of your trip, the distance traveled and the average cost for lodging every night.

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Even though you might not be staying in a hotel while you take your RV on a cross-country trip, staying overnight in a campground can be a large cost. Campground costs vary significantly depending on the location, the season and whether you have discounts through an RV club membership or another source. If you are on a budget, you should make sure not to forget about campground reservation planning.

Popular RV Stops Across the US

The RVing community has had an explosion of growth in recent years. As this community grows, the variety of destinations that are popular for RVers has become more and more diverse.

Western National Parks

RV road trips have been popularly associated with travel to the national parks for a long time. As you plan your RV trip across the country, you should consider visiting the famous national parks out West and in the Mountain region.

Fun Amusement Parks

If you are bringing along young kids you should plan your route so that you can visit world-renowned amusement parks such as Disneyworld and Disneyland. Enjoying a bit of structured recreational time could be a great way to break up the constant activity typical of a long cross-country road trip.

Urban Areas

Although many newcomers to RVing do not think of urban exploration when they think of an RV trip. The truth is that a cross-country RV trip can very easily incorporate city visits as well. If you have a compact enough RV, you can drive through the city streets. When planning a trip to a major city, you look to reserve an overnight stay in a campground near the city core so that you can explore at your leisure.

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