Dual Reverse Flush Sewer Hose Valve, 39072
Dual Reverse Flush Sewer Hose Valve, 39072

Dual Reverse Flush Sewer Hose Valve, 39072

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Part Number: 11-0178

Dual Reverse Flush Sewer Hose Valve, 39072

Sprays water into lines to clear out clogged pipes. Get two-way jet cleaning action with this unique holding tank and sewer hose rinser. Transparent polycarbonate fitting attaches between sewer hose and RV, then hooks to any standard water hose to create a powerful spray that helps reduce odors and malfunctions in RV holding tanks and hoses. Patented.
Used ForFill/ Rinse And Remove Residue From Black Or Gray Water Holding Tanks
With Valve AssemblyYes
With FittingYes
  • Sprays Water Into Lines To Clear Out Clogged Pipes
  • Two-Way Jet Cleaning Action
  • Creates A Powerful Spray That Helps Reduce Odors And Malfunctions In RV Holding Tanks And Hoses
  • Clear, Break Resistant Polycarbonate Adapters Make It Easy To See When The Tank Is Done Rinsing

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