Dehumidifier, DZA-DU
Dehumidifier, DZA-DU

Dehumidifier, DZA-DU

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Dehumidifier, DZA-DU

Dri-Z-Air removes moisture from the interiors of trailers and campers during periods of storage or lay-up. Keeps moisture from clothes, sheets, shoes, etc. Also prevents condensation on windows, walls and ceilings. The Dri-Z-Air tray fits under the unit to avoid spills. Made in the USA from recycled plastic. Full 360 degree venting for optimum air-flow. Sturdy containers can be refilled with DRI-Z-Air brand premium grade refill crystals.
Type: Decorator Unit
Size: 10.4 Inch Width X 4 Inch Depth X 6-1/2 Inch Height 
  • Removes Moisture From The Interiors Of Trailers And Campers During Periods Of Storage Or Lay-Up
  • Prevents Condensation On Windows, Walls And Ceilings
  • Made From Recycled Plastic
  • Can Be Refilled With Premium Grade Refill Crystals

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