Caulk Sealant White, 02831WH10
Caulk Sealant White, 02831WH10

Caulk Sealant White, 02831WH10

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Caulk Sealant White, 02831WH10

BOSS® 365 Sealant 100 Percent Acrylic Elastomeric with Silicone is a mildew resistant, rust inhibited, paintable sealant. It is specifically formulated for high joint movement. Its smooth, creamy consistency makes BOSS® 365 easy to tool, and it cures to a tough, flexible seal that is non-yellowing. BOSS® 365 can be used for both interior and exterior applications such as crown molding, chair rails, baseboards and all exterior trim.
Used To: Seal Around Baseboards/ Door Frames/ Windows/ Corner Joints And Siding Trims
Caulk Type: Acrylic Elastomeric
Paintable: Yes
Color: White
Unit Type: Cartridge
Unit Quantity: Single 
  • 100 Percent Acrylic Elastomeric With Silicone
  • Specifically Formulated For High Joint Movement
  • 75 Year Durability
  • Mildew Resistant, Rust Inhibited, Paintable Sealant
  • Smooth, Creamy Consistency Makes BOSS® 365 Easy To Tool, And It Cures To A Tough, Flexible Seal That Is Non-Yellowing
  • Can Be Used For Both Interior And Exterior Applications Such As Crown Molding, Chair Rails, Baseboards And All Exterior Trim

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