9" Sewer Hose Adapter Clear, 39592

9" Sewer Hose Adapter Clear, 39592

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9" Sewer Adapter
Part Number: 11-0271
9" Sewer Hose Adapter Clear, 39592

Hose couplers and adapters allow you to connect hoses to the RV, to the dump station or to other hoses. You can count on Camco for all the fittings and accessories you’ll need to make the right sanitation connections.

Used For: Connecting Sewer Hose To RV Sewer Waste Valve
Type: Straight Hose Adapter
Color: Clear
Material: Polycarbonate
With Clamp: No

  • Straight Hose Adapters Attach Directly To Your RV's Sewer Connection, Allowing You To Extend Your Sewer Hose Outlet For Easier, More Convenient Hose Connection
  • Because They Are Clear, Help During Tank Cleaning By Letting You See When Your System Is Fully Rinsed
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty

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