6oz Battery Cleaner, 80369
6oz Battery Cleaner, 80369

6oz Battery Cleaner, 80369

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Part Number: 13-0589
6oz Battery Cleaner, 80369

Spray it on and wash corrosion off. Works in just three minutes. Penetrates and removes corrosion, dirt, and grime instantly. Cleans all types of storage batteries and attachments in emergency power supply systems.
Used For: Penetrates And Removes Corrosion In Batteries
Unit Size: 6 Ounce
Unit Type: Aerosol Can  
Flammable: Yes
Water Soluble: Yes 
  • Battery Cleaner Is An Aerosol Product For Cleaning All Types Of Storage Batteries And Attachments In Vehicles And Emergency Power Supply Systems
  • Penetrates And Removes Corrosion, Dirt And Grime Instantly
  • Fast Acting
  • Penetrates - No Disassembly Required

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