24 Amp Diode, 690
24 Amp Diode, 690

24 Amp Diode, 690

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24 Amp Diode, 690

Electrical damage can occur to the towed vehicle if its headlights are turned on while still connected to the motorhome. Use a Park Light Diode to stop any interaction between the two park light systems, Prevents electrical feedback and electrical damage.
Ampere Rating (A)24 Amp
  • Stops Any Interaction Between The Two Park Light Systems
  • Prevents Electrical Feedback And Electrical Damage
  • Hands-On Design And Manufacturing
  • Ensure Structural Integrity, Longevity, And The Safety
  • The Most Stringent Testing In The Industry
  • Designed And Manufactured To The Highest Quality Standards
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

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