2" x 50´ Roof Repair Tape White, EB-RW020-50R

2" x 50´ Roof Repair Tape White, EB-RW020-50R

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Roof Seal
Part Number: 13-0872
2" x 50´ Roof Repair Tape White, EB-RW020-50R

For use on virtually all roofs, RoofSeal/OneStep features a UV stable backing that is available in Black, Gray, Tan and White. With the exception of surface prep, RoofSeal/OneStep is a one-step permanent repair system for virtually all roof types, and roof accessories. RoofSeal/OneStep creates a waterproof, moisture, and air tight barrier with no additional sealing required. RoofSeal/OneStep remains flexible to temperatures as low as -70 Degree Fahrenheit making it virtually impossible to thermally shock the seam causing a leak. RoofSeal/OneStep bonds to a wide range of surfaces including difficult roof materials such as EPDM, TPO, most PVC, CSPE/Hypalon, CPE, SBS, APP modifieds, asphalt BURs, coal tar BURs, all metal roofs, tiles, shingle, aluminum, galvanized steel, gypsum board, wood, polyethylene, propylene, polystyrene, fiberglass, brick, concrete, masonry, OSB, etc.
Used To: Seal Roof Joints And Tears/ Flashings/ Copings/ Skylights And Gutters On Mobile Homes And RV Roofs
Roof Type: EPDM Rubber/ Thermoplastic Olefin/ Hypalon/ PVC/ Tile/ Wood/ Concrete/ Fiberglass/ Brick
Type: Sealing
Length: 50 Feet
Width: 2 Inch
Color: White
Material: Synthetic Resin 
  • Features A UV Stable Backing That Is Available In Black, Gray, Tan And White
  • Creates A Waterproof, Moisture, And Air Tight Barrier With No Additional Sealing Required
  • Remains Flexible To Temperatures As Low As -70 Degree Fahrenheit Making It Virtually Impossible To Thermally Shock The Seam Causing A Leak
  • Used To Seal Roof Joints (Seams) And Tears, Flashings, Copings, Skylights, Gutters
  • Perfect For Repairing And Restoring Roofs On Mobile Homes And RVs
  • Seals To Itself So It Can Be Cut And Folded Around An Object
  • Limited 15 Year Warranty

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